31 August 2010

Toyota MPV Showing at Paris

Toyota has officially launched the presence of products of the last mini-MPV announced the Toyota Verso-S, on stage at the Paris Salon in late September of this 2010th In Japan, Verse-S, under the name of the previous generation Toyota sold Ractis is one of the best-selling minivan in Japan.

Toyota MPVVerso-S debut in Paris, is a business class at the mini-MPV Toyota in Europe, having been sold by 2007 Yaris Verso. come in its class, Pour-S, the struggle with Kia, Opel Meriva and the Citroen C3 Picasso.

One advantage of the S-verse is a smart management of space in the cabin. On the European market, the car is the fastest car in its class - less than four feet - but thanks to the greater attention to the details of the interior to pay practical and flexible, this vehicle has a place in the cabin is free and easy, high quality.

Toyota MPV InteriorThere is currently no additional information on technical details. For the European market, consumers can get gasoline or diesel engine options similar to Toyota Yaris in the offers. Marketing Plan began in the spring of 2011 in Europe.
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30 August 2010

Powerful engine 1.6 L from Volvo

Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, announced its new petrol engine with a capacity of 1.6 L four-cylinder equipped with direct injection technology (direct injection) and turbo charged. This combination they named Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDi).

Variants of this Anyar machine code there are two with T3 and T4. For the 1.6 L GTDi T3 has 150 PS power and 240 Nm of torque. While the 1.6 L GTDi T4 180 PS and 240 Nm of torque, but can be increased to be 270 Nm, depending on needs. Both engines will be pinned on the Volvo S60 and V60.

"We anticipate no decrease in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of about 20 percent compared with conventional gasoline engine with larger displacement and a similar performance," said Senior Vice President of Product Development Volvo Magnus Jonsson, Monday (30/08/2010) this. At the same time, he continued, GTDi engine can provide power to quickly and seemed to feel of driving a modern diesel engine.

Both variants of the machine equipped with automatic transmission, Powershift six-speed and six-speed manual is also for 1.6 GTDi T4. Its privileges, when the driver again and then lifted off the gas pedal, the gears soon be free. Thus, reducing rolling resistance and fuel economy.

While the T3 is only offered 1.6 GTDi six-speed manual gearbox is equipped with the function "start / stop". So, when the car stopped due to freezes, the engine went dead. We want roads, no need to turn the ignition key. Simply press the accelerator, the engine has come back.
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Ducati Superbike Retreat from Race

Superbike World Championship (WSBK) mourning in connection with a startling announcement from Ducati. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer states forbid retreat next year (2011). In fact, the Ducati team's most successful manufacturer of successes since paritipasi 1988.

In 22 years of doing business, the world champion Ducati carving manufacturer 16 times and led to 13 pebalap steal the crown of world champion.

Rumors are growing, their pullback associated with the entry of Valentino Rossi to Ducati that drain money is not small. In addition, the team wanted concentration and a great achievement that has never achieved such as in Superbike.

Impact Ducati setback turned out to also affect the individuals who wear the Ducati team. Because, it will also limit the manufacturer supplying the engine and supporting individual teams.

President and CEO of Ducati Gabriel Del Torchio confirmed when they retire from WSBK because want to focus on technical and product development. "This decision is part of a special strategy Ducati. Its main objectives, further enhance the technology content of production models to come," said Gabriele.

I want to thank you, go to Noriaki Gabriele Haga and Michel and all Riders which have contributed to large on the Ducati Superbike. Also to the crew team and employees who have worked in a professional, who so long held Flammini racing, FIM, and the sponsors.
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Toyota Prius PHV Continue To Campaign

Toyota Prius PHV
To socialize the plug-in hybrid technology, Toyota Prius continues to bring new generation around the world. This time turn the Ministry of Energy and Transportation, as well as other related institutions at the provincial government of Ontario, Canada had the opportunity tested the ability Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV).

"Toyota Canada is pleased to be delivering units of the Prius PHV offering to our partners in Ontario," Yoichi Tomihara, president of Toyota Canada.

The manufacturer plans to release 100 units of the Prius PHV to the whole world in the next few years to explore the market. Despite Toyota's claims have no plans to produce in bulk, it is estimated the unit would be marketed in the upcoming 2015.

Prius PHV first appeared on the scene Fankfurt Auto Show last year. The main difference its technology, ability to recharge the electric power is as easy as plugging the cable into the plug. Unlike conventional hybrid vehicles in the market.

"Government of Canada is very pleased to take part in the initial project in order to collect data needed to prepare the infrastructure necessary electric vehicles," said Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Energy Provinis.
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28 August 2010

2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4 Review

Massive. The exact word that struck me first, I went to the Toyota 4Runner 2010 days of departure.

 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4
What was the prototype compact SUV has been on the pack pounds and the new style, like when you stamp on top of all that loose.

No, I'm not alone. Sajeev Mehta seems closer to the truth about cars felt the same ... He wrote: "It looks like fat Elvis on four wheels."

Everything that goes directly into the mass of the driving experience. As Casey Kasem outtake said in his famous "great man ... seriously. 270 hp feels no more than sufficient to leave in order to overcome the inertia of the machine £ 4400 ... and the estimate of 17 city/22 highway EPA, you me know if you see him, right? Here in this blog, we get surprisingly close, and sometimes higher than the EPA estimates ... but the best that could be done by us, was 16 in a mixture of roads and highways. Without the highway, 13-point or 14-something would have happened to him.

 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4 RiviewThe interior is designed to reduce the size to give weight, volume ... almost as if the idea of the 4Runner in a junior version of the Land Cruiser to convert. But we love the Land Cruiser .... above all, because that's what it should be. Oh, and the EPA is 13 city/18 highway ... that's about all 4Runner is carried on the testimony of our week.

Ours was the SR5 4x4 ... a reasonable base price $ 30,915 ... Option with an upgrade of the audio system ($ 585), rear view camera (a must for the car at $ 525), a number of amenities, sunroof, front and rear plus rear AC outlets ($ 1,050), the leather seats and power sliding doors with extra airbags ($ 3.570) mats and cargo mats ($ 204). With $ 800 for shipping, the bottom line $ 37,649.

 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4 Interior pictureNo outrageous for this level of equipment. If it was in the '09 4Runner, I would not blink. But it seems a little change, that seems to go for a vehicle in the wrong direction at the wrong time.
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Mercedes Benz GLK350 Review

 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Picture Mercedes Benz GLK350 InteriorWhat a difference a decade.

seriously 10 years ago, Mercedes-Benz affect his image with the introduction of what was then a small SUV ML320 .. the. It cost somewhere in the middle of the 30s, they take in a new market segment, but was an important step in what people expect from Mercedes in materials and workmanship.

An even smaller SUV should be more reason to despair, is not it? No, not now.

You see, Mercedes as a whole has followed the law of the ML320 garden path ... leading to a decade-Benz less than all of the specific model names ... even some whose prices are surprisingly high.

The good news is that MB appears in the bite with some products that seem to draw his bar to higher market share ... It is in this environment, GLK350 force.

Size? Think somewhere between a Ford Escape and Ford Explorer.

Price? The base is a reasonable price of $ 35,900. For that you get power to a 268 V6 with a seven-speed automatic transmission, leading to EPA, about 16 miles per gallon city/21 highway.

Best of all, it feels firmer than the LMA has never ... and if at 10 high-quality options (premium light package, Media package, Sport Appearance Package) does not seem too stupid or too much because, well, it's a Mercedes loaded. Must be a notch above other things.

to pay for years, people a premium for Mercedes-Benz quality and technology, is not the board itself. When the days are back, we are all better off.


This applies to all-wheel drive GLK. Select the model of two-wheel-drive, and the base price is $ 34.600 reduced ... making it one of the cheapest Benz you can buy. And because the ML 320 1998 $ 33.900, is incredible. Fuel consumption remains unchanged in the city, but improved to 22 on the road.

A recent campaign in the two-wheel-drive model strengthens the previous revision to all four wheels. And this time, Mercedes was only about 8,000 in options (premium multimedia package and the iPod interface) ... so under the dash for $ 875 shipping and handling was $ 42.925.
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22 August 2010

Ben Spies replaced Valentino Rossi Yamaha MotoGP in 2011

Ben Spies replaced Valentino Rossi at the Yamaha factory team in MotoGP in 2011, will be answered next weekend. According to the plan, Yamaha will announce who the companion Jorge Lorenzo for the next season, in the United States GP at Indianapolis, August 29.

Yamaha MotoGP, Valentino rossiSpies, who represents the MotoGP rookie, looks very impressive in his debut in this prestigious class. Seeing the performance of ciamik, Yamaha Tech 3 pebalap will promote it for the Yamaha squad, filling the place of Rossi, who is certain to leave Ducati.

Indeed, Spies became pebalap "new" the most prominent. 2009 World Superbike Champion was first MotoGP podium at Silverstone last month - ranked third, behind Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso. Later in the GP of the Czech Republic August 15 and then, even this Texas pebalap appear impressive because for the first time, start from the front row, and finished in the order of four.

About it (the announcement of moving to Yamaha), Spies said: "That was the worst thing else that is kept secret, but here there has been no official announcement.

"Now we are working in the right corridor, and there will be something that immediately came to me for several years to come. I can tell, I'm happy now.

"Everything is going according to plan. So far a good year and I look forward to the next few years."

Spies was already tested a prototype YZR-M1 machine in 2011 in Brno earlier this week. The tests, conducted as an initial step for the 26-year-old pebalap this, to get to know his new bike, which officially began ditunggang after the final race in Valencia, November.
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Grandma's 102 Years It Still Can Speeding

You may not believe it, but here's the proof. Hilda Wright, a 102-year-old grandmother, still could gush motorcycle. He was riding a Yamaha YZF-R1 2009 is never used on Valentino Rossi's most prestigious race in England, the Isle of Man TT last year.

Valentino Rossi, Yamaha YZF-R1 2009, The Doctor
The grandmother is making the most crazy sensation that is not much publicized. What is it? He celebrated his birthday by riding 102 years Rossi's Yamaha.

Steve Shaw, son-grandson of Hilda, knowing that her grandmother had a favorite shot on the bike, including when used bike-style racing with Rossi's. Hence, it offers Hilda was riding a motorcycle to commemorate his birthday.

As a result, without thinking, Hilda went straight in the saddle marks get motor "The Doctor" by enjoying every second. Unfortunately, he could not bring back the motor home. Nevertheless, he has brought memories of his life he was doing at the age of very evening.

"It's something different and I got the motor in particular. This is not the usual way for a 102-year-old grandmother celebrate her birthday, even just walking for a while," recalls Shaw cited Mancherster Evening News, Saturday (21/08/2010).

Maybe there is confusion, how his grandmother up Yamaha's Valentino Rossi? So, years ago, "The Doctor" was invited along with former world champion Giacoco Agostini to appear at the Isle of Man TT. Both are not a race. They are only around one lap distance was 60.7 km.
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Amazing Auto Racing Around the European Emissions

Louis Palmer Idea is considered wacky. Imagine, a former winner of the European Solar Prize 2008, this eco-friendly car race held (Zero Race) around the continent of Europe for two months or 80 days are already starting Monday (16/08/2010) then.

Racing released from Geneva, Switzerland. Participants starting with the finger, but only four came from four countries, namely Australia, Switzerland, Germany and South Korea. They covered a total distance of 30 000 kilometers, across 16 countries and 150 cities and finish the end of January 2011 is estimated to come.

Terms can follow-up, participants have the electric vehicles and berpenumpang two persons (driver and one passenger). Form of free vehicle with a weight as light as possible.

Then, the electric motor ability menimal able to explore 250 km non-stop with an average speed of 80 km / hr. Then, each day, participants must cover the distance of 500 km, with all the rest four hours to recharge the battery.

Unexpectedly, a new journey took one day, one participant admitted very excited to follow this activity. "We were very tired when at dusk, but the day was concluded with a delicious meal in the farm fields with a warm welcome from local residents who provide food," said one participant.

"We wanted to show the seven billion people in the world if the planet is in dire need of new energy and mobility that is clean, friendly environment. Gasoline will be exhausted and the longer the climate crisis is in sight, and we started running out of time," explained Louis Palmer.

Hence, this race who do not find the winner. But, lanjuut Palmer showed the world how environmentally friendly cars can also be relied upon as well as fun when ridden.
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What Happened with Ferrari

Talking about Italian supercars, Ferrari, there's only one word: Excellent. This is true both in terms of designs that have a high taste, and the performance as a result of their experience at the F1 event. The word is applicable to all models, even for the model 458 or 599 GTO.

However, the question whether every model kupe Prancing Horse Saloon is safe? Take the example of 458. Hard to believe today in 1990 has experienced incidents of 9 units. Means that, if averaged, each one accident occurred 10 days. More than 70 percent since hitting, the remaining flames.

FerrariThe most current, this is the case in Costa Mesa, California, United States. Almost half of the body from the middle to the rear of the car with this kind of run out engulfed in the red rooster.

No one suffered injuries in this incident. The name of the rider kept secret and he got a new compensation directly from the manufacturer Ferrari.

Ferrari Cars Picture WallpaperWreckedexotic site mentions, the first event for the Ferrari 458 experienced in Italy on May 22 last. It happened not fire, but the collision. This car crashed in Armii Krjowej Street. From the results of the investigation, supercar was a speed of 60-70 miles per hour that means violating the maximum speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

Other events appear in Switzerland, July 14. It happened just like in Costa Mesa: on fire. With this evidence, whether the 458 qualifies as a safe car?
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21 August 2010

Car Checking For Mudik Lebaran

Lebaran is not until a month away. If you have no intention of "Back to Kampong" for Hospitality same family using their own vehicle, persiapakanlah from now. Because, as a service advisor say something wrong (formal workshop) Nissan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, if there is anything or anyone is not comfortable to return again.

So, quickly take it to the authorized repair shop to do the service light. If you have a garage options - but it's quite good with inexperienced staff - there may be good, you know the parts that need to be in service on the car.

These are the parts of the vehicle
  • Replace: engine oil and filter, transmission oil, axle grease (when the rear wheel), spark plugs, air filter, fan belt (van belt) if the condition is not good enough (there are signs of cracks).
  • Check: Aki, water conditions. When the lifetime has been more than two years should replace the new. Then the brake fluid and radiator water rem.Juga conditions, should all look drained and there was a leak or not. If there is, immediately repair or replace the new.
  • Spooring and balancing: Very closely related to safety in driving. Saves wear and tear of tires and gasoline consumption flowers.
  • Make sure all lights work. If there was the misty past, it is advisable to use fog lights. Make sure the switches work properly.
  • AC: if cabin space is not cold, immediately take it to a special workshop. Could just add freon or a check of leakage pathways.
  • Rubber wiper: if you have hard or cracked should be replaced. Then, make sure the water spray works perfectly, both the front and rear.
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20 August 2010

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Riview

Bugatti Veyron CarManufacturer supercar, Bugatti is already showing the newest face of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at the weekend at Pebble Beach. That's just looks alone, while more detailed specification of this car has just revealed.

In short, the latest version of the specification car record-breaking world's fastest production car is still powered car that it is 'thirsty' fuel.

Because of this crazy car certainly will be equipped by the latest W16 engine capable of issuing up to 1200 hp power. Certainly this crazy power certainly will not be felt fully in ordinary streets.

Because the crazy engine combined with 7-speed DSG transmission is already capable of accelerating from rest to 100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds and accelerates to 200 km per hour in just 7.3 seconds.

Now because of the terrible power and ability then do not be surprised if this is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport like thirsty when walking. Because for one liter of gasoline Bugatti Veyron Super Sport could gobble it up just by walking as far as 2.5 km only alias 1:2,5 km perliter.

While the road toll for the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron is a little more efficient which it has a ratio of 1:6,9 km perliter.

Though the engine behind bonnetnya just want to drink gasoline with high octane gasoline with just the 98 that Ron would not be sold in general retail outlets in Indonesia.

Despite that, topspeed cut Bugatti car to save the use of tires. When the record-breaking world's fastest car Bugatti Veyron Super Sport able to drive up to 431.3 km per hour, then in this version of the Bugatti was slowed to only 430.9 km per hour only.

But still, the ability of the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron will not be much useful when used on the streets of Jakarta that was super bad.
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New Honda Mega Pro Riview

We have plan to buy Honda motorcycle manufacturer matic output, understand Honda Holic . But after looking for references on Google about the latest products honda I even find any postings about the New Honda Mega Pro. There are loads of posts about New Honda Mega Pro which is the latest model motorcycles from Honda Mega Pro previous output.

Honda Motor's newest mega pro make you drool, read reviews one of the blogs about New Honda Mega Pro really impressed luxury. Especially with a bandaged with mono shock front lights make this latest pro mega motor bike youth.

Honda Mega Pro, Honda Mega Pro Modifikasi

How do you think is very great right ?
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New Yamaha Byson 20 Million 19,9 Juta

Yamaha Byson, Yamaha Byson modifikasiPT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia would eventually leak the official price of the newest sports. Yamaha Byson kepasaran 19.9 million rupiah was released On The Road.

With that price range, Byson ready to fight with his eternal rival who also
new faces made, namely New Honda Mega Pro, which was released for Rp 19.44 million.

"We're off Byson the price of Rp 19.9 million on the road, a competitive price, we also believe will be well received by the community," said President Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Dyonisius Bety, when held a press conference on the Rolling Stones Cafe Jakarta, Friday (20/08/2010)

So far, Honda has recorded a number of reservations are masculine-looking bike as much as 1000 units. Note, there is a special achievement of Byson, since its launch the new course will begin after Lebaran later.

Byson is a streetfighter-style motor sport the latest from Yamaha, which first launched in India by the name of the FZ16. The engine capacity of 153cc, with a carburetor, powered 10.1 Ps, so that would be cool dikebut within the city.

Other features, apart from the masculine look, Byson also been equipped with a digital speedometer, muffler with katalytic conventer, as well as a large fork dab tire tread width of 130 mm, ensuring a cool handling Byson invited to maneuver.

Yamaha offers only one variant Byson just the type casting wheel, with a choice of four colors, black, red, blue and white.

You interested? Please make a reservation, because this September premiere units will begin shipping to consumers. Yamaha also offers a way of ordering online.
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19 August 2010

Yamaha Nouvo Modification

Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo ModificationThe style of English nobility commonly used Rolls-Royce design adopted in 2008 Yamaha Nouvo until it gave birth to a new motor muscular, fierce but elegant at the same time.

Do so if Yamaha Nouvo be modified English style nobleman who usually use the Rolls-Royce. Here's the result.
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Honda Astrea Star Modification

This is Honda Astrea Star Modification, this motor cycles look very thin but this modification is many history in his life.

All is look good and good jobs.
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