30 August 2010

Ducati Superbike Retreat from Race

Superbike World Championship (WSBK) mourning in connection with a startling announcement from Ducati. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer states forbid retreat next year (2011). In fact, the Ducati team's most successful manufacturer of successes since paritipasi 1988.

In 22 years of doing business, the world champion Ducati carving manufacturer 16 times and led to 13 pebalap steal the crown of world champion.

Rumors are growing, their pullback associated with the entry of Valentino Rossi to Ducati that drain money is not small. In addition, the team wanted concentration and a great achievement that has never achieved such as in Superbike.

Impact Ducati setback turned out to also affect the individuals who wear the Ducati team. Because, it will also limit the manufacturer supplying the engine and supporting individual teams.

President and CEO of Ducati Gabriel Del Torchio confirmed when they retire from WSBK because want to focus on technical and product development. "This decision is part of a special strategy Ducati. Its main objectives, further enhance the technology content of production models to come," said Gabriele.

I want to thank you, go to Noriaki Gabriele Haga and Michel and all Riders which have contributed to large on the Ducati Superbike. Also to the crew team and employees who have worked in a professional, who so long held Flammini racing, FIM, and the sponsors.

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