30 May 2012

Yamaha RX King 2012 Modifikasi

Yamaha RX King 2012 Modifikasi is not the name that does not make sense. This is seen from every product that is born in each generation. Even the ad that states that Yamaha's market share has reached 64% are also capable of shocking some of the media and bloggers homeland.

If we flashback to the history of Yamaha products, almost entirely to the selling market. Why? That's because Yamaha are keen to see the two-wheeled enthusiast community needs and technological innovations that carried its products. Call it the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135. Sport 135 cc Bebek instantly flooded the streets in various parts of Indonesia. Even before its launch, the gossip had already making a scene among the two wheelers.

Bro and Sis will remember, in the year 80 when the Yamaha RX-King to present the legendary Cobra. RX-King's name topped the popularity of the direct-selling and fastest motorcycle in its class. Even the RX-King motorcycle is identified as the robber. Naturally so, in his time no one could deal with the toughness of running the Cobra, even today his name is still rooted in the hearts of the biker.

Cobra, from the name alone is terrible, the king of snakes from eastern parts of the world. Now, through its subsidiary in India, Yamaha motorcycles tried to repeat the success of one legend, namely Yamaha RX100 and RX series model or a top known as the RX King.

But, what makes the story was there on a machine that already uses a four step. As expressed by the Head of Business Division of Yamaha Motor India, Pankaj Dubey, "The new model is no longer use two stroke engines, but the four steps."

"Currently we are working hard to rebuild the RX100 as a new product for India. But we will build a version of the four steps, "said Pankaj told the local media, as quoted indianon2wheels.
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17 May 2012

BMW Sports Cars

BMW Sports Cars - Later than winning primary testing of the vehicle idea, the decision for a series-production vehicle was hastily made. The BMW i8 Idea is the after that step in the evolution of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Idea. The effect: The a lovely number progressive and innovative sports coup? of its time. Its innovative plug-in crossbreed idea combines the personalized electric drive organization from the BMW i3 Idea  en suite done its front pin  with a high-performance three-cylinder burning engine producing 164 kW220 hp and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) at the rear. Working in cycle, they make obtainable the drive systems to pageant their respective talents to the satiated, delivering the performance of a sports coup? bar the fuel consumption of a tiny coup?.

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