31 August 2010

Toyota MPV Showing at Paris

Toyota has officially launched the presence of products of the last mini-MPV announced the Toyota Verso-S, on stage at the Paris Salon in late September of this 2010th In Japan, Verse-S, under the name of the previous generation Toyota sold Ractis is one of the best-selling minivan in Japan.

Toyota MPVVerso-S debut in Paris, is a business class at the mini-MPV Toyota in Europe, having been sold by 2007 Yaris Verso. come in its class, Pour-S, the struggle with Kia, Opel Meriva and the Citroen C3 Picasso.

One advantage of the S-verse is a smart management of space in the cabin. On the European market, the car is the fastest car in its class - less than four feet - but thanks to the greater attention to the details of the interior to pay practical and flexible, this vehicle has a place in the cabin is free and easy, high quality.

Toyota MPV InteriorThere is currently no additional information on technical details. For the European market, consumers can get gasoline or diesel engine options similar to Toyota Yaris in the offers. Marketing Plan began in the spring of 2011 in Europe.

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