22 August 2010

Amazing Auto Racing Around the European Emissions

Louis Palmer Idea is considered wacky. Imagine, a former winner of the European Solar Prize 2008, this eco-friendly car race held (Zero Race) around the continent of Europe for two months or 80 days are already starting Monday (16/08/2010) then.

Racing released from Geneva, Switzerland. Participants starting with the finger, but only four came from four countries, namely Australia, Switzerland, Germany and South Korea. They covered a total distance of 30 000 kilometers, across 16 countries and 150 cities and finish the end of January 2011 is estimated to come.

Terms can follow-up, participants have the electric vehicles and berpenumpang two persons (driver and one passenger). Form of free vehicle with a weight as light as possible.

Then, the electric motor ability menimal able to explore 250 km non-stop with an average speed of 80 km / hr. Then, each day, participants must cover the distance of 500 km, with all the rest four hours to recharge the battery.

Unexpectedly, a new journey took one day, one participant admitted very excited to follow this activity. "We were very tired when at dusk, but the day was concluded with a delicious meal in the farm fields with a warm welcome from local residents who provide food," said one participant.

"We wanted to show the seven billion people in the world if the planet is in dire need of new energy and mobility that is clean, friendly environment. Gasoline will be exhausted and the longer the climate crisis is in sight, and we started running out of time," explained Louis Palmer.

Hence, this race who do not find the winner. But, lanjuut Palmer showed the world how environmentally friendly cars can also be relied upon as well as fun when ridden.

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