16 December 2011

Modifikasi drag satria FU

Satria FU drag sport bikes made ​​in the crowded now drag motor, Like image below with the motor Satria fu modification of drag-racing style. You must look at this picture and can get inspiration for make modification like that.

Are you interested to make your motor like this ?
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Modifikasi yamaha vixion 2012

Modifikasi yamaha vixion 2012 was easy to get modif because its base is quite dynamic. With any graphic airbrush flow, become more beautiful.
Street fighter concept with additional graphics brush is preferred by Ferdy Yusmin, who collaborated with the garage YZ Customized Pontianak. These middle-class street fighter was given a new custom body even better. But, still show a compact stylish seen from a typical tank design of Vixion.

The stern, with a redesign in back. "The concept single-seater, but it can also be made a tandem," told you in.
Order not overhauled, because deltabox Vixion very rigid and sturdy sustain upright machine-made 150cc Yamaha. Let more match, the bottom undercowl plus a little long so it does not seem empty.

"We put the front fenders are also new models, because later painted brush graphics," Ferdy honest, the guise of applying the dicustom Supra X125.

Part feet, Ferdy combine stout wheels, rims can be seen from the use of the bar with a large diameter disc of TZM. Wheels back remain installed artificial disc Nissin. Meanwhile, conventional fixed suspension with the addition of custom-made YZ swingarm.

Finishing out, given the old yellow graphics with heavy foundation. Use of color is not too much, because it created a minimalist graphics. Surely, brand paint colors taken from Blinked, including for the combination of clear and hardener.
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