14 December 2010

Honda Estilo Modifikasi

Just look at what Mohammed Iqbal. Male lovers of racing these cars are not shy koceknya reached Rp100 million to make up his '92 Honda Estilo which initially appear to be more extreme sporty.

To give a more striking impression, he executes his car with paint Red-Blinken which produces metallic red color, which dipadupadankan with interior sectors of F1 racing steering wheel, car seat 'Recaro' and the hard break 'Momo' to give the impression of masculine.

Honda Estilo

Honda Civic Estilo

Honda Estilo Modif

In order not to look too "skinny", replacing Iqbal kendaraanya legs with wheels' Lavinity '2.5 / 3.5 ring 19' with a bandage 'Falken'. In the event this time, Iqbal's face-off operation entrusted his car to the house design 'Cape of Flowers' is dibilangan Makassar.

Honda Civic Estilo Modifikasi

Honda Estilo Modifikasi

To finish takes 3 months. Achievements have ever achieved in a similar contest, was elected Best Honda car.

Honda Civic Estilo Modification

Honda Estilo Original

Although the spirit of passionate, if not achieved the desire can make lackluster. Fortunately, Bernard Wiryadi able to accommodate the wishes Michael Christian well. There have been many who overhauled wear Estilo Honda B16A engine with VTEC technology. But Michael wants stronger torque and power again. Unfortunately, the next target of B20 Honda engine is not equipped with VTEC. "So combine it with the block B20 B16A cylinder head," go to Bernard.

Honda Estilo Mulus Mantap
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Suzuki Swift 2007 Modif Modification

Suzuki Swift 2007 MODIFICATION Adiguna property Halimsah arguably not extreme. Of course, because the owner wanted the appearance of this sedan bearing the letter S to be elegant.

When viewed as a whole, modif Suzuki Swift is very cheap. However, note velgnya, branded Estatus Style-S with a cross motif from the G-Corporation, Japan. Perhaps, this wheel again chased the car owners who want to modify the vehicle an elegant style.

Adoy, Adiguna familiar greeting, really lucky. It gets used 19-inch alloy wheels with a price of USD 7.5 million. Because the width of the wheel, the body inevitably have to adapt, especially the front bumper and rear widened. At bottom, both front and rear bumper were given mini-drawn line with the side skirts.

Sepatbor also dikembungkan, especially the back. Because the tire model dye, lip sepatbor folded and the inside diketok to avoid friction. Because Swift PCD 4 / 100, with the use of rim width, drum also dibubut so that it can enter the air-offset wheel rim 48 mm with PCD 5 / 112.

For tires are not rubbing against the sepatbor, per standard replaced with Eibach. That, too, as was reduced about 1.5 screw to the back and 1 screw on the front.

Interior does not have an extreme, the trunk space filled dengnan audio devices using the Eclipse CD3100 head unit with power ProKick Working 4000D GenX home installer. Meanwhile, the body tilled Fibershop home modifications, both located in Bandung, together with Adoy residence. (Rudy)

Modified Specification :

Custom add on body kit, as Eibach, Velg Status Style-S 19x (8 +8.5) inches, Light bulb headlights FS 8000 K, tires Falken FK 452 215/35ZR19 and 225/35ZR19 Accelera Sigma, custom exhaust, water Hurricane filter, custom 4-1 header, custom down pipe, custom paint the door panels, Eclipse CD3100 head unit, sub Clif Design 12-inch, Power Pioneer class A 4 channel, power Prokick 4000D, speakers Critical Mass, preamp Performance.
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10 December 2010

Holden Kingswood

Holden is a car company founded in Australia in 1856 by James Alexander Holden. Holden himself entered into Indonesia around 1965 with the entry of cars and Holden Premier Holden Kingswood.

Holden began to be known in the eyes of the people of Indonesia since the entry of the Holden Gemini in 1981.Mobil this type could be used by taxi companies in almost all corners of the island of Java, including Jakarta and Bandung.Sampai now, a car of this type are still mostly found in big cities. In addition to Gemini, Holden also produces car type TORANA, Commodore, STATESMENT, Kingswood and ASKA who also had entered Indonesia.

Holden modif

Holden Original

Holden Kingswood

Holden Torana

Holden Statement

Holden Aska



Modifikasi holden
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Katana And Jimny Jangkrik Modification

Fans certainly know the world offroad vehicle type jeep with the characteristic appearance of adventurers. In Jogja own club this kind of vehicle including the rarely encountered. One of the rather off-road adventurers heard is Jogjakarta Cricket Club, whose members include the field type of vehicle enthusiasts Suzuki Jimmy.

Cricket Sebuatan inherent in these vehicles due to a smaller size than the standard size jeep, and agility in all fields. The more hostile the terrain, the more a challenge that should be conquered by Jimmy this type jeep enthusiasts. Regional rocks, rivers, and hills is a place for experimentation.

Variety of experiences exploring a variety of terrain, that's one of the attractions of this community for its members. Modifications are also often become the main topic of conversation in every meeting of anggotannya, ranging from discussing the addition of accessories to jeep engine durability.

The members of Jogyakarta Cricket Club is indeed has often followed the competition off-road regional and national levels. But other than offroad, this club still enter the program as simple as touring the various regions and social events in the agenda. "The club is also often held baksos, like the earthquake in Yogyakarta yesterday, we helped distribute aid to areas that have not been able to pass a vehicle," said Marcus Hartana one board Jogjakarta Cricket Club

When touring or offroad, various natural panorama traversed the main attraction. "In every activity we offroad as much as possible through the places with interesting natural sights to see, so do not get bored, all refreshing," added Marcus Jimmy Cricket who has a car of this output in '81.

Seeking a new challenge is the terrain and its own preoccupation for members of this club. Because of the expertise and techniques in driving a vehicle in various fields should always be sharpened. In addition, the challenges that require teamwork and strengthen solidarity and cohesion among the members. No wonder, despite a membership of 62 people, Jogjakarta Cricket Club still can maintain kekompakannya.

The members of Jogjakarta Cricket Club is often gathered on Saturday night at their secretariat Jln. Monjali No: 69/71, phone 0274-625180. Club which was founded in 2001, exactly on June 11, this has also attended national jamborees Jimmy Cricket in 2007 in the city of Malang.

Jimny Jangkrik Blue

Jimny Jangkrik From back

Good Suzuki Katana Siera Modif

Brown Katana Modif

Green Katana Modifikasi

White Jimny

Mantap White Modif


Modif Off road

Same Offroad lumpur

Mantap Modif Tinggi

Bali Offroad

Gagah Modification
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03 December 2010

Yamaha Mio Unique Modification

yamaha Mio Modifikasi

yamaha Mio Modif

yamaha Mio Cat

From the display, especially in the body, the modifications made Subagyo of B Custom on Yamaha Mio 2009 is nothing extreme. But there's one part that could be considered unique, ie the model the single front shock absorbers.

To change from standard to a single model, the modifier using an appropriate metal material as the handle and seat shock absorbers. For the front suspension, said Subagyo, he used a pipe thickness of 5 mm and 50 mm wide.

Admitted following the Italian scooter design. In order to look neat, new plates wrapped in a metal plate again, then neatly painted. Meanwhile, the rear shock absorbers changes, not on the edge, but shifted to the middle and wear have a Suzuki RG-R. Meanwhile, the shock absorbers bottom of the handle is made of pipe diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) is bolted to the CVT cover.

"But still the standard axle and I was not tempted to because the concept backed racing look," says builder from East Java who now is settled in the island resort.
Let easy, wheels still use the original Mio. However, axles must be regenerated. "Made in turner whose size is slightly larger than the original so strong," explained the father of two children.

Affairs of the body, Bagyo not want all kinds. The back is made using a racing-style galvanized plate. Meanwhile, the front had a Mio Soul reliable enough that in re-custom.
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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Evolution X

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Evolution X - One of the homes in America are quite popular modification AMS performace (AMSP) has memermak Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, which later changed its name to Mitsubishi AMS 900X. In terms of appearance no one extreme to the body, except the use of rear wing and front spoiler are frightening.

So, why is number 900? What does he mean? This figure indicates that the Evo X energy stored in the engine capacity of 2.2 liters 900HP. Can be jumped dramatically to much for AMS because it provides a special package for the Evo X.

The part that was replaced in the heart pacemaker Evo X as head studs, piston specifications JE, Kelford cams, per valve and piston rod Manlley I-Beam. In addition, there GT900X turbocharger kits V-band using a Tial 44 mm wastegate, whose condition is equivalent to the exhaust system Racing Series.

Not only that, any new system intercoolernya, including fuel line system. With replacement, the maximum power produced 900 HP.

Outside the engine innards, in a special package, including a new clutch of strength as well as with shifter bushings, engine mounting kit of materials polyurethene. And the aftermarket package is suitable for spec Evo marketed in the U.S., Japan's domestic and European.

In a press release, AMS Performance stated that the package AMS900X for Evo X is a solution for those who are fond of speed. Power terdongkrak three times the standard, thus making the sedan into a super car. Power 900 HP is the highest for the Evo X.
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02 December 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modification

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Sport Bike entering the U.S. market in 1986 and quickly became a best-selling motorcycle Kawasaki. Kawasaki Ninja 250R was amended in 1988 and shows his popularity had remained relatively stable until 2008. In 2008, Kawasaki Ninja 250R Sport Bike surprised the audience with a change in body image in contemporary update. The transformation is not all. Kawasaki Ninja 250R sportbike and significant changes to the engine, cooling system more efficient, 17-inch wheels, wider tires, changing suspension, chassis enhancements and improved steering geometry obtained. With the light of forgiveness nature is not hard to understand why the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is always a favorite.
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NEW Honda Mega Pro Modification

New Honda Mega Pro Foto, Modifikasi, Photo

Beginning in the ranks of the family of motor racing, who won the Honda motorcycle immediately of the year 2010 version of the Automobile Journalists Forum (FORWOT), New Mega Pro, dazzling on the Honda stand in contact thanks to the development of CMJ its shape.

The term of the Ultimate Street Fighter Mega Pro 150 new CB1000R has become like a big cc sports bike look was a huge and powerful.

The concept did not remove the change in DNA Mega new program even with Honda, said that real street fighter. But with implementation of appropriate after-market parts, the location, new Mega Pro is as if at last is CB1000R.

Front of the last lamp-post still warhead Pro with the default settings Mega new, so it still has the original look of Street Fighter. It's just that his arm a classic battle of Little Big was thick and Street.

Observed changes in the implementation of a landfill disadvantages with a slightly higher part of the Honda CBR 1000 calls in 2009. was increased in terms of adjustment of the shooting, the front with black rubber Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 120 / 60-17.

Mudur move the lighthouse, has a touch of his gas tank with the addition of preservatives, not only does the addition of custom accent Delta Box Street Fighter characters more and more on the beautiful and muscular.

Under the engine, put the engine cover, the perfection of living modified organisms in accordance with the concept has achieved.

From the middle of the back of the new Mega Pro significant changes have received. Stern is thin and stylish.

Sector, while the back legs, is the last Street Fighter pinch arm swing to CB VTECH Combined 200/50 Bridgestone Battlax - 17

Participation in the state Wannabe Honda CB1000R is very enthusiastic motor sport fans because of the country. In addition to providing an exciting show for CMJ 2010, its presence in the streets last of the fighters can be used as a reference New Mega Pro change of owners.

Honda New Mega Pro - barspeed.blogspot.com
Honda New Mega Pro - barspeed.blogspot.com
Honda New Mega Pro - barspeed.blogspot.com
Honda New Mega Pro - barspeed.blogspot.com
Honda New Mega Pro - barspeed.blogspot.com
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