27 March 2011

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Soul Orange

Yanuar Ramadhani of Pontianak have Yamaha Mio Soul 2010 want to skutiknya modified with mengaplikasi of Thailand. Create in Jakarta or in Java, he says maybe it's not that remarkable, but for the city of the Equator so something weird.

In the reorganization of the Mio, Yanuar did not want to postpone the axis of the wheel of a stylish low rider. Touch done on both wheels are wearing small tires rims 17 bandaged so as not to rub together with the filter box.

Done the wheel, select the optimize product variations supporting bolt-on. The principle may be many origin harmonization remains awake. Such as disc brake rear deliberately chosen colorful. So also the brake hose dengnan, even the pulley are also given various special colors due to a perforated cover CVT is used.

Add a sip, the body is already heavily indebted LED light. Dear not evidenced in the evening.

Interesting, Mio Soul this wear engine cut-off of steering rods affixed to the car or the handlebars. Its function is not to turn on the machine, memati-said Yanuar, but turn on the LED light. Trus, arms swinging standards have replaced the custom model.

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Nih, Yamaha Scorpio Hybrid

In JModifikasiakarta now is Yamaha Scorpio hybrid, zealous Reindra. But, not real, only the results by modification of the diconteknya of the concept of the IZH Hybrid strokes Igor Khan from Russia. He requested a modification to the House so that Scorpionya can calculate like G2C motor concept.

Danar, boss menyangupinya because he himself G2C has long had such a design concept, but no customers who want the completely revamped it as such. Although the use of the work was not easy new views in deletion. Fortunately, that project using the palette.

Early studies of the gas tank and side cover body created as closely as possible using a sheet 0,8 mm. "so, enggak too heavy," bright Danar. Before his first plates are cut from cardboard pedestrian.

The design of the most unique look on the front suspension because Igor mengnambil ideas from IZH motorcycle production 1, 1929. So, for menyerupainya closed condom plates and tucked the light projectors on the left and right.

So the bottom of the machine more contains, mounted engine guard with design ciamik. His model, almost closing the crankcase down. "When viewed at a glance, the design as it merges with the installation of two exhaust," said Danar.

The other difference with the work of Igor, looking at the rear suspension. If Igor had a double, Danar change it self so singular, however the rear body remains the same. –Ki or taillights, Scorpio is relying on have Yamaha Jupiter Z.

Another advantage, the motor is equipped with navigation systems install the Garmin GPS Nuvi type monitor is attached to the handlebars. Spidometer standard replaced with have a Yamaha Byson.

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Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro

Change the HondModifikasi Honda Mega Proa Sports series Mega Pro which became a model blend trail and supermoto not work hard for the modifiers. Let alone create a Great Nugroho, punggawa One Brutalle Modification of Banjarnegara, when changing the Honda with reference to the Ducati Hypermotard.

Here, interview, greetings Carib great, try accentuate strokes motorcycle body that has the value of Country Pizza artistic. The fuel tank was picked from the Honda Revo. In addition to its right, that tanks also have mounting bolt wing and can directly be used.

Means, along with putting up new wing's intention in the tank does not meet difficulties. All lights sein also stick to the shroud while in the original Hypermotard does not exist.

Because the owner of the motor Mustangin,, that this cow from Wonosobo entrepreneur like turing, shockbreaker front used variations of the upside down. Although locally made, it was changed and processed so necis. Other local components used on swinging arm looks (swing arm).

Most difficult, recalls, when the installation of shockbreaker Along the back. Was tried with the upright, but its good though by the look of enggak. Finally, the angle tilts 15 degrees plus more and was out-manoeuvered with a system of the track.

"Certainly more delicious," said Wawan convincing. (Andika)

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Modifications To Motorcycles American Style

In the winning Daytona Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2011 dilangsung final competition Ultimate Builder Custom which followed more than 40 motorbikes that have been modified. Among the participants who came from all over America, there is a winner of the Progressive IMS before.
Various classes are contested, as in the Freestyle and Performance Custom Harley-Davidson, then presented the Screaming Eagle 120 cubic-inches to win the class modifications Harley.
Jack McCoy performing in Progressive IMS with his work, Suzuki B-King 1340 cc, twin-engined Stright Four twin turbo. Interestingly, the radiatornya moved to the rear and both wheels use a size of 21 inches. B-King won the category Performance Custom.
Chris Richardson, owner of LA Speed Shop, thrusting the H-D KW Tantalizer perform in class. View super ceper, even so, the American motorcycle with V-Twin engine with 127 cubic-inch is still speeding because both suspension already given air ride suspension.
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