21 August 2010

Car Checking For Mudik Lebaran

Lebaran is not until a month away. If you have no intention of "Back to Kampong" for Hospitality same family using their own vehicle, persiapakanlah from now. Because, as a service advisor say something wrong (formal workshop) Nissan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, if there is anything or anyone is not comfortable to return again.

So, quickly take it to the authorized repair shop to do the service light. If you have a garage options - but it's quite good with inexperienced staff - there may be good, you know the parts that need to be in service on the car.

These are the parts of the vehicle
  • Replace: engine oil and filter, transmission oil, axle grease (when the rear wheel), spark plugs, air filter, fan belt (van belt) if the condition is not good enough (there are signs of cracks).
  • Check: Aki, water conditions. When the lifetime has been more than two years should replace the new. Then the brake fluid and radiator water rem.Juga conditions, should all look drained and there was a leak or not. If there is, immediately repair or replace the new.
  • Spooring and balancing: Very closely related to safety in driving. Saves wear and tear of tires and gasoline consumption flowers.
  • Make sure all lights work. If there was the misty past, it is advisable to use fog lights. Make sure the switches work properly.
  • AC: if cabin space is not cold, immediately take it to a special workshop. Could just add freon or a check of leakage pathways.
  • Rubber wiper: if you have hard or cracked should be replaced. Then, make sure the water spray works perfectly, both the front and rear.

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