30 August 2010

Toyota Prius PHV Continue To Campaign

Toyota Prius PHV
To socialize the plug-in hybrid technology, Toyota Prius continues to bring new generation around the world. This time turn the Ministry of Energy and Transportation, as well as other related institutions at the provincial government of Ontario, Canada had the opportunity tested the ability Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV).

"Toyota Canada is pleased to be delivering units of the Prius PHV offering to our partners in Ontario," Yoichi Tomihara, president of Toyota Canada.

The manufacturer plans to release 100 units of the Prius PHV to the whole world in the next few years to explore the market. Despite Toyota's claims have no plans to produce in bulk, it is estimated the unit would be marketed in the upcoming 2015.

Prius PHV first appeared on the scene Fankfurt Auto Show last year. The main difference its technology, ability to recharge the electric power is as easy as plugging the cable into the plug. Unlike conventional hybrid vehicles in the market.

"Government of Canada is very pleased to take part in the initial project in order to collect data needed to prepare the infrastructure necessary electric vehicles," said Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Energy Provinis.

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