22 August 2010

What Happened with Ferrari

Talking about Italian supercars, Ferrari, there's only one word: Excellent. This is true both in terms of designs that have a high taste, and the performance as a result of their experience at the F1 event. The word is applicable to all models, even for the model 458 or 599 GTO.

However, the question whether every model kupe Prancing Horse Saloon is safe? Take the example of 458. Hard to believe today in 1990 has experienced incidents of 9 units. Means that, if averaged, each one accident occurred 10 days. More than 70 percent since hitting, the remaining flames.

FerrariThe most current, this is the case in Costa Mesa, California, United States. Almost half of the body from the middle to the rear of the car with this kind of run out engulfed in the red rooster.

No one suffered injuries in this incident. The name of the rider kept secret and he got a new compensation directly from the manufacturer Ferrari.

Ferrari Cars Picture WallpaperWreckedexotic site mentions, the first event for the Ferrari 458 experienced in Italy on May 22 last. It happened not fire, but the collision. This car crashed in Armii Krjowej Street. From the results of the investigation, supercar was a speed of 60-70 miles per hour that means violating the maximum speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

Other events appear in Switzerland, July 14. It happened just like in Costa Mesa: on fire. With this evidence, whether the 458 qualifies as a safe car?

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