27 February 2012

Modifikasi mobil jeep

Modifikasi mobil jeep , Youve heard the person's name of nature enthusiasts car stick with a Brotherhood Jeep? So at this juncture, deceptively the word brotherhood is not just for the bikers motorcycles, although the brotherhood is and used by the brothers of the four-wheeled automotive enthusiasts, markedly for those who animated adventure.

Car stick Jeep Brotherhood is and burden kopdar (ground brown) in the East parking page Senayan, Jakarta packed to the arena lashing choice. They have a variety of adventure activities in accordance with the type of car they have, which is on the road, offroad, baksos and and go along with the automotive activities in general.

If you are paying attention and mean to join and mean to become a permanent member, how painless. The the majority important thing is to have the Jeep strain vehicles, up to the time and its kind (in the least strain as long as the Jeep). In addition, you surely should have a valid drivers license.

Vision and mission of the stick Jeep Brotherhood is to encourage, and result knowledge and automotive hobby (markedly Jeeps) then form a means to strengthen relations and cooperation in the company of fellow automotive enthusiasts (markedly Jeeps) and entered interested in a collaboration with automotive organizations an additional precisely as other restricted institutions for the do good to of secretarial stage.

The composition of the board survive interval (until 2010) of the stick Jeep Brotherhood was chaired by the Chairman: Bro Aden Treasurer: Bro Oscar PR: Bro Ardian and Activities: Sidqhi Bro.

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Modifikasi mobil avanza

Modifikasi mobil avanza, Entry level cars like the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia is one of the cars sold in the bazaar Indonesia also called automobile a million intimates. As in the previous article, Avanza has sold as many as 270 thousand units given that its inaugural launch.

In calculation to its form of two cars that are appropriate as a relations automobile, the engine capacity and the machinery is capable of discount in fuel spending (fuel accumulate fuel) too makes this automobile attracted many intimates of Indonesia.

However, almost the whole types of cars there essential be disadvantages, in particular for the creation of entry-level class such as the two cars. There are more or less weaknesses that be able to be felt: Opening, support cabin of this automobile was exceedingly piercing for the reason that of noise hooked on the machine, support, slammed suspension that feels exceedingly hard, in particular for the back. Weakness that is the saving factor influential pleasure with a Toyota Avanza or Daihatsu Xenia.


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Modifikasi mobil sedan

Modifikasi mobil sedan Common Motors determination remove finance as numerous as 3150 units of Chevrolet Captiva prototype in the United States 2011-2012. According to the U.S. National Travel Shelter (NHTSA), recently, the withdrawal is due to overheating problems (overheating) in peringan steering steering wheel (energy steering), which might cause a fire in the engine compartment.
InsideLine.com page proclaim, exclusively in the U.S. withdrawal is share out of a larger international recollect of going on for 15 627 units of Captiva is assembled in Ramos Arizpe factory in Mexico. According to Gm, nearly everyone of the vehicles precious by this problem has been exported and sold in a quantity of van rentals in the U.S..
Dynamic a vehicle with instruction manual transmission type and the first tooth container central to engine and energy steering pump to operate at higher speeds than average, supposed NHTSA. Rising the rush of this pump produces heat which is transferred to the fluid and energy steering fluid container cause the warmth to the melting point of the energy steering pumps reservoir.
Past exposure to high warmth fluid, the reservoir container leak. Leaking of fluid, with the other presence of detonation source, might result in fire, supposed NHTSA.
However, Gm supposed near were no information of fires that knock Captiva in the U.S.. Chevrolet dealers determination replace the energy steering fluid cooler with an superior version. Owners determination be notified starting in January, bar Gm anticipates that the new components determination not be available in anticipation of March next time.

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