29 November 2010

Yamaha mio modif

Yamaha Mio Modif million change of the modified PN fact, when viewed from the front is a little scary feeling. This is the installation of the lighting head Honda CS-1, considered that the Mio is clear. Modified Yamaha plus $ sepatbor future, because language is pouting. The most feared. Because I want to emphasize that for the whole body. Add a drop back to a white color, a little Japanese style, he said. In addition to this color also allows clean air. Another extra that makes this skubek in a man, of course, the old Honda Jazz turned edge use case. "I know a lot of changes, the axis adjustment," said the fat man, he the same goal.

Yamaha Mio Modif by BW Modified

Yamaha Mio Modif by BW Modified
Yamaha Mio Modif by BW Modified
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Yamaha Mio Low Rider Modification

Yamaha mio modifikasi lowrider

yamaha mio modifikasi 
Yamaha Mio Low Riders are required to start is one of the absolute change in the course of the day, to reach scooter. The fans never wavered. For example Ikhya Ulumuddin, cyclists Cikarang, West Java. Grade 3 Sukatani an EMS is Cikarang the change of the apparent absorption in the flagship of Yamaha dollars in 2004. "The Yamaha mio modifikasi abstraction and architecture and the motor for me. Accompanying the body Retroholic helped the club Cikarang (RHC). I think, moreover, its members," honest. To strengthen the result of low riders, as always, is the change, the best in the legs. Custom wheels and tires Toyota Supra 185/55X14 size, so the choice. Make sure the agent architecture that frustrate the development of long-term. "Bearable, army behind harmonic Jupiter MX presumptuous," he said. Scroll to the architecture of the handlebar. The man who Ulum acclimatize to the request, the look of Japanese style boob accept Soon accumulated headlights. One of the best artistic talent, an amount of skubek Ulum flagship screen acclaimed for her.Colors taken from Suzuki. Swift, more than the capital to shut down the machine, "said the man, who is also this quietly data change bone modifikasi million variations Yamaha tachometer Handlebar Low Rider Zero Silent:. Custom Front tires: 120/70 front tire Deep: 5.5" Body Painting custom: Burgundy Pearl
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Yamaha RX King Red Modification

2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification
2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification

Yamaha RX King Red Modifikasi / Modification Among the many classes that take place in a competition, show bikes, MOTODIFY Djarum Black, is held in the building of Pontianak Convention Center (PCC), a kind of sport Modif. Who said, power Yamaha RX King motorcycle class can not elegant. The new king of the urban population RX test red is competing with other participants in the same class at PCC (11/07). Lansiran 2004 engine is already held by the owner for Terah year. "I had this bike for a year," Arfan says. Because of his love for the automobile sector in particular motorcycle, bike was originally memodif Pontianak and promoting Djarum Black MOTODIFY be included in Pontianak. "At first I wanted to change my bike look a little, but because many fresh ideas for my friends and I all the mechanics," added the man who worked as employees of the private sector. Pengerjaanya, motorcycle, started as jambret "The failure of the coating process, the result is not in accordance with their wishes. "At this moment known my motorcycle chrome, I pass the costs, the cost of chrome and processing fee of three million, but because it seems krommya (place-red) is why I play now, that painting," said the man who led pelontos. The engine is completely done by the workshop with the title change Gonds Tepos to polish on the moon in full bloom.However, Gonder, "the jambret" was changed to a street Sangar, but it seems more Resik with chrome engine parts. The first motor candytone bright red paint and varnish given. There are also some changes in some regions and in the light of the lamp is replaced by a custom mask. The adoption of a gas cartridge Magura products reinforced the sense of a growing sport. Legs as part of the experience of the shock front with the head down rombakan and take the front brake Ninja Ninja Tromol double album, but still have the factory brake congenital caliper. Although the rear axle and swingarm YCS mark used with a product standard for deportation led to believe super strong. Not only did the rear brakes is experiencing a revolution with the drive and innate KALIP Ninja Tromol have factory. Some variations also come to this competition, including the adoption of the RG 150 Suzuki motorcycle handlebar grips, Koso Air Filter property and use the main products Supra 125thThis engine is also applying the latest advances in the cooler Yamaha Jupiter MX. "The heating is not just a change," said Arfan. In the area of cooking Arfan ensure that the bike in standard conditions. "To meet the standard engine," he said. Especially in the career of the run, you add sporty impression to search. Arfan not expect too much change in this competition, the participants are very satisfied, even a champion in the category, to be pursued. "Be yes, my bike was still champion," he said.
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Yamaha Jupiter MX Modification

Yamaha Yupiter MX modifikasi

Viewed from afar on foreign acquisition, we will know if this bike is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But what makes it beautiful is the splendor of gold mixed genital anatomy visit, added: ". Blickfang Ambara main engine produced Suarjaya the SE appears to follow the situation, the case in Denpasar gold flashes abnormally modified MOTODIFY chic and ducks. Did not leave the anatomy that I am familiar attention reached its feet, and a sufficient absorption in the setting seem to added solids. What bike to the administrator account Ambara Database M1 also said: "This engine Jupiter MX in 2006 with box abstraction anatomy affected but minimalist," he said. Although no acute change in the engine is plenty to observe the anatomy it is like a lure for additional pairs of eyes. Capacity blubbery legs advanced shading abandoned gold like chrome Gazi Up Side Down Fork and folders KALIP Kitaco 4 agents.Experts Tromol anchor and the application of the Aborigines.

Follow the hind legs, credible changes in the arms of a paradigm shift as large box. It also changes the application of Gazi, discs Posh KALIP Kitaco four officers, and even the experienced anchor adapted version. All seemed well with the bell on the ability of the structure of the anatomy, advanced mask, hood, and made the ascetic cover Ambara baked apple creations in the characterization of the M1. As mentioned above, even if no change in the machine, the removal of the engine range is custom template revised. For variations of this wheel is very evident in the use of X-1R handlebars, rear lights and the freezing of millions of euros. For the accelerator and activity sheets Ambara accept performance archetype grouped architect Yoshimura parts. Leader in the paint, acrylic light and the bike was completely cut tag Shop Serwin Bali Malik William chrome plated dedicated abroad."Process this bike a long time to have difficulties, anomalies in sectors that link anatomy eyelashes plastic box target," it shows on the processing time and misfortune in the treatment of these engines. A number of these aspects has been prepared to avoid flashing mobile home immediately better Denpasar, the abnormal change in the kind of cool flashing. To end the call, an affable man shows elements of the impressions and expectations of indigenous peoples, "I am grateful and blessed is the actual performance for that performance, and I will be the engine with a peak greater than the present" was formed to add Yamaha.
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20 November 2010


At the presentation of the Honda CBR 250R at the Grand Center on Wednesday (27/10/2010), Honda Motor Co. (HMC), show more than five units and one of the following exhaust is jeroannya. Sport bike five, three of them had received a light touch or change.

Interestingly, works much better mugen which is identical to the change in ownership of Honda four-wheel drive. From pengamanatan Kompas.com only changes in the body, while the engine is not specific data were obtained because the HMC without information.

Mugen saw Touch model made that energy boost may Knalpot. To confirm that a sport bike, black lined with red lips Mugen Berkel bed.

In the body of the fairing wind conditions that prefer the red line with sepatbor and connects with the president wrapped in red leather. Finally, make sure the driver footrest replaced a sporty tank top is golden brown.

While Mugen Honda CBR 250R, Honda calls the other (original equipment Honda mode). The feeling is more visible.

As protectors of the flight, the standard model with a carbon fiber material is replaced. Footrest Standard driver running style. Then the engine guard cover left and right data for the tank and fairing set red, including the layer also contains brake fluid.

At the front, to be replaced by a straight sepatbor carbon fiber material. Second amended grip design mirror also.

Honda Supra 2006 Sporty Gambar Foto

The concept of change is a hoax, but naked, is one that is not unusual, "said Arno.Karena obsession is part of the frame is not cut and modified. Even in its original form and size. When it comes to the tank, jok.Perubahan position may hold the remains to be seen on the arm. "I have a new design with the design of power plants, as they do in motor sport Delta box," said Arno Jl Diponegoro. Prince, No. 29, Batu, Malang.

This tribute is a function of motor sports naked. Because of the vital functions, the search for iron pipe. "The options are tubes with a diameter of 2 inches," added.Swing arm, how likely it would be more appropriate to use the system buffer was considered. Medium to full body and personal. "We have to design a uniform pattern nurse, said the man was.

The model also has a pointed tail as impressive as the engine speed, because the model has a cock in the middle of nature has led fashion Delta box additional chassis. All parts are made of fiberglass.

modif supra next g

modif kaki honda supra next g

knalpot honda supra next g
head lamp supra modiffull body supra next G
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13 November 2010

Unique Cars Modification

Car owners forced to go to extremes in the world of car modifications?

They are different, crazy and turning the head.

Unlike owners of brands such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini, these cars are often compared, the owners want to change the car to the end .... "How can we go?", "What is your bad No spoilers?. You can easily spend the same amount of money for these cars, like buying a Ferrari.

As DannyBoy said: "You can buy a Ferrari around .... Most people today do not even bother to look, are more likely to see these cars ... but ... .. More and Comment ... get ... Some people think they are ugly or stupid, but others think you're radical! see ... .. the crazier .... the worst! "

These extreme modder these cars are aesthetically .... And the limits of aerodynamics .... A statement on the level .... We are unique, they are original! One thing is certain .... Avoid speed limits!

Lamborghini Modify Photo










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Dijual HONDA City Type Z 2000

Full details Used Car 2000 Honda City Type Z
Year 2000
Model City Type Z
Premium fuel
Color silver
100,800 KM
Plate No. B
Price 92 JT
Name yuno abeta lahay
Phone 08111109911
Bogor City North
Bogor City
Description of the car smooth, well maintained, manual transmission, full original, excellent condition
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Full details Taft Used Car DAIHATSU ROCKY 1991 DAIHATSU ROCKY Daihatsu Taft
Year 1991
Diesel Fuel
OLD BROWN color metallic
200,000 KM
Plate Number S
Price 40 JT
Phone 081231377553
Gresik City
Description Taft 3 UNIT DAIHATSU ROCKY 4X4 HAND 1 CONTACT: 031-71136711 SUPREME 081 231 377 553 JL. Veterans ITS (ITS CEMENT FACTORY) PRICE PACKAGE 3 UNITS CAR = Rp. 120JT NEGO

Dijual Mobil Toyota Kijang LSX 2003

Full details LSX Used Cars 2003 Toyota Kijang LSX
Year 2003
Model Kijang LSX
Type LSX
Premium fuel
Color Black Metallic
W Plat No.
Price 110 JT
Name Djoko S
Phone 03170975159
City Waru
Description Price Negotiable, Smooth, Special, 4 new tires, service Auto 2000
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11 November 2010


Flat / Ceper is one of the flow modification retro car market is relatively much demand in Indonesia and in the world.

The principle of this shallow flow is to reduce the number "ground clearance (the distance between cars with asphalt). With the slogan "the lower, the more cool / slang", the flow of this modification is never shortage of takers. There are two interests do with this flat retro style car, that is for stability and for style.


mobil ceper mercy mini retro

mobil ceper retro mercy kebo

mobil ceper retro volvo

mobil ceper retro mercy batman
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07 November 2010

Suzuki Katana 89 4x2 WD

Suzuki Katana Modifikasi Offroad
Suzuki Katana Putih Modif
Suzuki Katana Modifikasi mantap
Suzuki Katana Merah Original
Suzuki Katana Putih Orgnl
Suzuki Katana Modifikasi Total
Jeep Hartop Modifikasi

1. Suzuki Jimny SJ410 Accessories, Katana, and Siera
  • Over Fender Rp 1,000,000 .-
  • Snoorkel Rp 800,000 .-
  • Roof lights Rp 800,000 .-
  • Horn retaining cap (Orgnl) Rp 500,000 .-
  • Targa (d kisi2 side pillars) to Rp 350,000 .- (Orgnl)
  • Cat eyes (Spotlight) Rp 350,000 .- (Orgnl)
  • Foot Step / Side Bars (steel pipe) Rp 1,200,000 .-
  • Locker Bonnet (hood lock) Rp 600,000 .-
  • Custom Bumper (sheet metal) to Rp 1.1 million .-
  • Custom Grill Katana Rp 1,000,000 .-
  • Custom Grill Caribian USD 1,100,000 .-
  • Sift Knop Rp 200,000 .-
  • Close the tank custom Rp 500,000 .-
  • Skid Plate (protective gas tank) Rp 850,000 .-
  • Winc WARN RT25 1, 1 Ton Rp 4,500,000 .-
  • (A state of Orgnl & New)

2. Over Fender Nissan Terano Rp 1,500,000 .-
3. Spion Jeep TJ Rp 1,200,000 .-
4. Radio Antenna Cable Jeep TJ + (funsi) Rp 1,200,000 .-
(Dpt d use d Suzuki Jimny)
5. Tj Jeep Radio Antenna (non-function) Rp 550.000 .-
6. Per leaf earrings Suzuki 1 set of DPN + blkng Rp 700,000 .-

(No photo pd, 2cm high LBH)


There are still some parts which I have not mentioned, considering that part is made to order


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Foto Gambar Modif Suzuki Modification

Here is a Modifikasi collection / Suzuki Modification Motor cycles. Perhaps, following images can provide fresh ideas to the young gentlemen to modif respectively. One thing to note, with the motor Young Elegant, all with due observance of legal norms and aspects of functionality.

modifikasi motor thailand

modifikasi motor thailand
modifikasi motor thailand
modifikasi motor thailand
modifikasi motor thailand

modifikasi motor thailand

modifikasi motor thailand

modifikasi motor thailand

modifikasi motor thailand
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