27 February 2012

Modifikasi mobil avanza

Modifikasi mobil avanza, Entry level cars like the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia is one of the cars sold in the bazaar Indonesia also called automobile a million intimates. As in the previous article, Avanza has sold as many as 270 thousand units given that its inaugural launch.

In calculation to its form of two cars that are appropriate as a relations automobile, the engine capacity and the machinery is capable of discount in fuel spending (fuel accumulate fuel) too makes this automobile attracted many intimates of Indonesia.

However, almost the whole types of cars there essential be disadvantages, in particular for the creation of entry-level class such as the two cars. There are more or less weaknesses that be able to be felt: Opening, support cabin of this automobile was exceedingly piercing for the reason that of noise hooked on the machine, support, slammed suspension that feels exceedingly hard, in particular for the back. Weakness that is the saving factor influential pleasure with a Toyota Avanza or Daihatsu Xenia.


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