27 February 2012

Modifikasi mobil sedan

Modifikasi mobil sedan Common Motors determination remove finance as numerous as 3150 units of Chevrolet Captiva prototype in the United States 2011-2012. According to the U.S. National Travel Shelter (NHTSA), recently, the withdrawal is due to overheating problems (overheating) in peringan steering steering wheel (energy steering), which might cause a fire in the engine compartment.
InsideLine.com page proclaim, exclusively in the U.S. withdrawal is share out of a larger international recollect of going on for 15 627 units of Captiva is assembled in Ramos Arizpe factory in Mexico. According to Gm, nearly everyone of the vehicles precious by this problem has been exported and sold in a quantity of van rentals in the U.S..
Dynamic a vehicle with instruction manual transmission type and the first tooth container central to engine and energy steering pump to operate at higher speeds than average, supposed NHTSA. Rising the rush of this pump produces heat which is transferred to the fluid and energy steering fluid container cause the warmth to the melting point of the energy steering pumps reservoir.
Past exposure to high warmth fluid, the reservoir container leak. Leaking of fluid, with the other presence of detonation source, might result in fire, supposed NHTSA.
However, Gm supposed near were no information of fires that knock Captiva in the U.S.. Chevrolet dealers determination replace the energy steering fluid cooler with an superior version. Owners determination be notified starting in January, bar Gm anticipates that the new components determination not be available in anticipation of March next time.

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