27 March 2011

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Soul Orange

Yanuar Ramadhani of Pontianak have Yamaha Mio Soul 2010 want to skutiknya modified with mengaplikasi of Thailand. Create in Jakarta or in Java, he says maybe it's not that remarkable, but for the city of the Equator so something weird.

In the reorganization of the Mio, Yanuar did not want to postpone the axis of the wheel of a stylish low rider. Touch done on both wheels are wearing small tires rims 17 bandaged so as not to rub together with the filter box.

Done the wheel, select the optimize product variations supporting bolt-on. The principle may be many origin harmonization remains awake. Such as disc brake rear deliberately chosen colorful. So also the brake hose dengnan, even the pulley are also given various special colors due to a perforated cover CVT is used.

Add a sip, the body is already heavily indebted LED light. Dear not evidenced in the evening.

Interesting, Mio Soul this wear engine cut-off of steering rods affixed to the car or the handlebars. Its function is not to turn on the machine, memati-said Yanuar, but turn on the LED light. Trus, arms swinging standards have replaced the custom model.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this nice post!You’ve done really excellent job!

  2. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.