27 March 2011

Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro

Change the HondModifikasi Honda Mega Proa Sports series Mega Pro which became a model blend trail and supermoto not work hard for the modifiers. Let alone create a Great Nugroho, punggawa One Brutalle Modification of Banjarnegara, when changing the Honda with reference to the Ducati Hypermotard.

Here, interview, greetings Carib great, try accentuate strokes motorcycle body that has the value of Country Pizza artistic. The fuel tank was picked from the Honda Revo. In addition to its right, that tanks also have mounting bolt wing and can directly be used.

Means, along with putting up new wing's intention in the tank does not meet difficulties. All lights sein also stick to the shroud while in the original Hypermotard does not exist.

Because the owner of the motor Mustangin,, that this cow from Wonosobo entrepreneur like turing, shockbreaker front used variations of the upside down. Although locally made, it was changed and processed so necis. Other local components used on swinging arm looks (swing arm).

Most difficult, recalls, when the installation of shockbreaker Along the back. Was tried with the upright, but its good though by the look of enggak. Finally, the angle tilts 15 degrees plus more and was out-manoeuvered with a system of the track.

"Certainly more delicious," said Wawan convincing. (Andika)

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