14 December 2010

Suzuki Swift 2007 Modif Modification

Suzuki Swift 2007 MODIFICATION Adiguna property Halimsah arguably not extreme. Of course, because the owner wanted the appearance of this sedan bearing the letter S to be elegant.

When viewed as a whole, modif Suzuki Swift is very cheap. However, note velgnya, branded Estatus Style-S with a cross motif from the G-Corporation, Japan. Perhaps, this wheel again chased the car owners who want to modify the vehicle an elegant style.

Adoy, Adiguna familiar greeting, really lucky. It gets used 19-inch alloy wheels with a price of USD 7.5 million. Because the width of the wheel, the body inevitably have to adapt, especially the front bumper and rear widened. At bottom, both front and rear bumper were given mini-drawn line with the side skirts.

Sepatbor also dikembungkan, especially the back. Because the tire model dye, lip sepatbor folded and the inside diketok to avoid friction. Because Swift PCD 4 / 100, with the use of rim width, drum also dibubut so that it can enter the air-offset wheel rim 48 mm with PCD 5 / 112.

For tires are not rubbing against the sepatbor, per standard replaced with Eibach. That, too, as was reduced about 1.5 screw to the back and 1 screw on the front.

Interior does not have an extreme, the trunk space filled dengnan audio devices using the Eclipse CD3100 head unit with power ProKick Working 4000D GenX home installer. Meanwhile, the body tilled Fibershop home modifications, both located in Bandung, together with Adoy residence. (Rudy)

Modified Specification :

Custom add on body kit, as Eibach, Velg Status Style-S 19x (8 +8.5) inches, Light bulb headlights FS 8000 K, tires Falken FK 452 215/35ZR19 and 225/35ZR19 Accelera Sigma, custom exhaust, water Hurricane filter, custom 4-1 header, custom down pipe, custom paint the door panels, Eclipse CD3100 head unit, sub Clif Design 12-inch, Power Pioneer class A 4 channel, power Prokick 4000D, speakers Critical Mass, preamp Performance.

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