10 December 2010

Holden Kingswood

Holden is a car company founded in Australia in 1856 by James Alexander Holden. Holden himself entered into Indonesia around 1965 with the entry of cars and Holden Premier Holden Kingswood.

Holden began to be known in the eyes of the people of Indonesia since the entry of the Holden Gemini in 1981.Mobil this type could be used by taxi companies in almost all corners of the island of Java, including Jakarta and Bandung.Sampai now, a car of this type are still mostly found in big cities. In addition to Gemini, Holden also produces car type TORANA, Commodore, STATESMENT, Kingswood and ASKA who also had entered Indonesia.

Holden modif

Holden Original

Holden Kingswood

Holden Torana

Holden Statement

Holden Aska



Modifikasi holden

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  1. Correction from top to bottom
    1. Holden Kingswood HQ
    2. Holden Kingswood HJ
    3. Holden Kingswood HK
    4. Holden Kingswood HJ
    5. Holden Kingswood HQ Station Wagon
    6. Holden Kingswood HQ
    7. Holden Kingswood HQ
    8. Holden Statesman HQ
    9. Holden Kingswood HQ