07 November 2010

Suzuki Shogun 125 Modification

Suzuki Shogun ModifikasiGot Suzuki Shogun 125? Bored with how it looks? The following modifications may be you try. There are two Suzuki Shogun 125 that has been modified to be cool.

The first Suzuki Shogun 125 production, 2006.

Suzuki Shogun 125 ModifikasiData modifikasi :

Front tire: Battlax 120/60-17
Rear tire: Battlax 150/60-14
Rims: Suzuki GSX400
Upside down: Suzuki GSX400
Handlebars: Suzuki GSX400
Swing-arm: Aprilia 125
Sok back: Aprilia 125
Brakes: Suzuki GSX400
Body: Custom
Radiator: Jupiter MX 135LC
Speedometer: Satria F-150
Footstep: Aprilia 250
While the second shogun in 2005.

Foto Gambar Suzuki Shogun ModifikasiBodi drafted fiber design with a monster character. Seabrek audio device is added. Resulting in, this bike has been named as a monster street pants.

Modif Data:
Tires: Mizzle 50/90-17
Velg: Yoshi
Discs: 4 units TZM
Shock DPN: Up Side Down
Shock Blk: Kitaco
Swing Arm: Posh
Muffler: Costum 4 holes
Cat: Blue Graphics gliter
Body: Monster Costum
Head Unit: AVT
Power: Symbian
Monitor: Liliput
Sub woover, Midle & Twiter: Venom.

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