07 November 2010

NEW Suzuki Smash

modifikasi suzuki smash 110 gaya retro

Here is what you are looking for are already here, is the new Smash Suzuku change the first image of the collapse suzuki change in this blog. is so easy to change yet, just paint your SUZUKI seemed shattered broken metal. In addition, you can add more power disc brakes and all engines in the brushed metal.

smash modification, modifikasi suzuki smash, suzuki smash modificationChocolate milk when I see the color of this bike, I'm out Suzuki Motor recalls the color of chocolate milk when I was a little drunk. This bike Suzuki breaking the engine is so easy with the little box at the rear of the bike I'm sure the bike can be adjusted if the owner is a person's house for milk per day to sell your home

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