29 November 2010

Yamaha RX King Red Modification

2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification
2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification

Yamaha RX King Red Modifikasi / Modification Among the many classes that take place in a competition, show bikes, MOTODIFY Djarum Black, is held in the building of Pontianak Convention Center (PCC), a kind of sport Modif. Who said, power Yamaha RX King motorcycle class can not elegant. The new king of the urban population RX test red is competing with other participants in the same class at PCC (11/07). Lansiran 2004 engine is already held by the owner for Terah year. "I had this bike for a year," Arfan says. Because of his love for the automobile sector in particular motorcycle, bike was originally memodif Pontianak and promoting Djarum Black MOTODIFY be included in Pontianak. "At first I wanted to change my bike look a little, but because many fresh ideas for my friends and I all the mechanics," added the man who worked as employees of the private sector. Pengerjaanya, motorcycle, started as jambret "The failure of the coating process, the result is not in accordance with their wishes. "At this moment known my motorcycle chrome, I pass the costs, the cost of chrome and processing fee of three million, but because it seems krommya (place-red) is why I play now, that painting," said the man who led pelontos. The engine is completely done by the workshop with the title change Gonds Tepos to polish on the moon in full bloom.However, Gonder, "the jambret" was changed to a street Sangar, but it seems more Resik with chrome engine parts. The first motor candytone bright red paint and varnish given. There are also some changes in some regions and in the light of the lamp is replaced by a custom mask. The adoption of a gas cartridge Magura products reinforced the sense of a growing sport. Legs as part of the experience of the shock front with the head down rombakan and take the front brake Ninja Ninja Tromol double album, but still have the factory brake congenital caliper. Although the rear axle and swingarm YCS mark used with a product standard for deportation led to believe super strong. Not only did the rear brakes is experiencing a revolution with the drive and innate KALIP Ninja Tromol have factory. Some variations also come to this competition, including the adoption of the RG 150 Suzuki motorcycle handlebar grips, Koso Air Filter property and use the main products Supra 125thThis engine is also applying the latest advances in the cooler Yamaha Jupiter MX. "The heating is not just a change," said Arfan. In the area of cooking Arfan ensure that the bike in standard conditions. "To meet the standard engine," he said. Especially in the career of the run, you add sporty impression to search. Arfan not expect too much change in this competition, the participants are very satisfied, even a champion in the category, to be pursued. "Be yes, my bike was still champion," he said.

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