20 November 2010

Honda Supra 2006 Sporty Gambar Foto

The concept of change is a hoax, but naked, is one that is not unusual, "said Arno.Karena obsession is part of the frame is not cut and modified. Even in its original form and size. When it comes to the tank, jok.Perubahan position may hold the remains to be seen on the arm. "I have a new design with the design of power plants, as they do in motor sport Delta box," said Arno Jl Diponegoro. Prince, No. 29, Batu, Malang.

This tribute is a function of motor sports naked. Because of the vital functions, the search for iron pipe. "The options are tubes with a diameter of 2 inches," added.Swing arm, how likely it would be more appropriate to use the system buffer was considered. Medium to full body and personal. "We have to design a uniform pattern nurse, said the man was.

The model also has a pointed tail as impressive as the engine speed, because the model has a cock in the middle of nature has led fashion Delta box additional chassis. All parts are made of fiberglass.

modif supra next g

modif kaki honda supra next g

knalpot honda supra next g
head lamp supra modiffull body supra next G

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