23 January 2011

Aston Martin with Cygnet Black and White Edition

British car company, Aston Martin has just introduced one of their new superior product that is Cygnet, The plan of this car will be produced in April next year and is expected in 2012 had spread to the market. Parties Aston Martin has prepared a special edition 2 edition Cygnet in her black and white for example or the initial product. The two earlier editions will be offered with 2 different transmissions, manual or CVT automatic. While prices for the second time has not yet announced the edition of Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Cygnet comes with face and form that almost resembles other small vehicles, especially Toyota iQ, though looks almost the same, already ascertained Cygnet appear to be different. Cygnet white edition will get a touch of snow-white color and combined with silver mesh, then added the chrome brightwork and white diamonds on the rim. In the still bernuansakan white color ranging from seat to other features and beautify with satin chrome. Not to forget the embedding of a wing as a harbinger of Aston Martin emblem which comes in a white bandage.

While the black edition is given Cygnet Magic Black metallic color spray plus special effects, then balanced with matt black louvers and chrome brightwork. Meanwhile, the inside there are benches and dashboards that will be resolved in her pure black, Dark Chrome Accents adorn the cabin, while the wings are rendered in black badges. Dark chrome accents adorn the cabin, while the Aston Martin logo is given a black spray paint. Talking about power, gasoline engine powered Cygnet capacity 1.33 Liter four-cylinder with 97bhp of power rate.

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