09 October 2010

Motor Vespa Modification

Motor Vespa
Motor Vespa Modifikasi
Modification Motor Vespa
Pic Gambar Foto Motor Vespa
Although today's various types of sophisticated two-wheeled vehicles have been present to enliven the streets of your city, but if the pass is the Vespa, it still will attract attention. Moreover, if the owner or rider had an old Vespa's old but in good condition, of course you will be interested neutralize. Yes, the name Vespa seemed everlasting ages. The form is unique and elegant make these vehicles viable. But did you know the history of the existence of two-wheeled vehicle which is phenomenal ?

Vespa history began more than a century ago, precisely 1884. Piaggio company was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. Rinaldo's business began ship equipment. But at the end of the century, Piaggio also manufactures railway, carriage Train, Truck Body, Machine and Train.

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