09 October 2010

Harga Yamaha New Scorpio 2010

Yamaha New Scorpio 2010
Yamaha Scorpio 2010
New Scorpio launched Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia PT Z (YMKI) yesterday in the Bridge, Ancol, North Jakarta (21 / 9) yesterday, the selling price of approximately USD 15 Million will be increased.

Although Yamaha has no official price announced this bike, but said the sales manager of PT YMKI Vicente Mulyono price increases are only $ 1.5 Rp HÃ¥rga million.If the previous Scorpio new price of Rp 22.3 million, the chances of the new Scorpio Z will be in the price range of Rp.23.5 million Rp. 23.8 million.

This price correction is the effect of changes in the way of new Scorpio, who has now apparently more dynamic and Scorpio Z sporty.Changes two Yamaha motorcycles, namely MT1 and FZ8. Front at the top of the lamp change with the addition of the hood make it sporty, while the addition of the gas cap on this, it seems that this new Z Gambote Scorpio and contained. During the back of the new Scorpio Z is pointed.

Despite finding himself in a change in the design of the sales price, while maintaining dae Yamaha Scorpio Z with the previous machine. Yamaha claims that the engine power and performance are still classified, so no need to answer questions changes.To Scorpio Z rear suspension problem disappear, YMKI led a series of changes at the back of the bike, particularly within his opponent's shock absorber.

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